Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting Well again: the 12 % solution

Today, on a beautiful November day after three days and nights of Nor' eastern- I am going to touch on something I learned about getting well again, after a bad aching back .

Tonight, I return from a slight jog in the evening and I am thankful because I feel like a miracle myself. A few years ago, my back was so bad and painful for about 7 months that it changed my life. But now, although I realize it may and will probably go out on me again - my back is relatively pain free aside from stiffness in the morning and throughout the day that I work out with stretching.

I am planning a comeback now and getting in better shape again and I have started this plan/

But for people needing help - think about something I call the 12 % solution.

If you can get yourself about 10 to 12 % better, You can give your back enough of a break to heal itself or at least get pain under control. I would suggest a good chiropractor. Followed by regular stretching. I favor T'ai Chi movements. Some use Yoga. Others can look on Google and just enter stretches for the back and discover something new.

Fish oil helped me also. It helps to reduce inflamation and is also good for helping control blood level triglycerides. Vitamin D, get at least 2,000 IU's if you do not get enough sunshine.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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