Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just GET started.

Do you let "things" hold you back?

I am talking "things" man - "things" things - and more things..

There's always ... something!

Here is a trick ...

say your desk is filled with messy paperwork...and you just can't seem to get started.

Recognize !

Newton's first law of inertia: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion... objects at rest tend to stay rested ..

Think !

It's a mental thing but -- We are up against Physics!

Act !

"Use it or lose it" ... just do it!

For you procrastinators out there (like me) - make a plan to meet your goals.

and then to act? don't think about finishing. Think about starting!

Think about getting 12 % done.

after that ?

If its worth finishing- you'll do it!

just get started. It's brand new day.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting Well again: the 12 % solution

Today, on a beautiful November day after three days and nights of Nor' eastern- I am going to touch on something I learned about getting well again, after a bad aching back .

Tonight, I return from a slight jog in the evening and I am thankful because I feel like a miracle myself. A few years ago, my back was so bad and painful for about 7 months that it changed my life. But now, although I realize it may and will probably go out on me again - my back is relatively pain free aside from stiffness in the morning and throughout the day that I work out with stretching.

I am planning a comeback now and getting in better shape again and I have started this plan/

But for people needing help - think about something I call the 12 % solution.

If you can get yourself about 10 to 12 % better, You can give your back enough of a break to heal itself or at least get pain under control. I would suggest a good chiropractor. Followed by regular stretching. I favor T'ai Chi movements. Some use Yoga. Others can look on Google and just enter stretches for the back and discover something new.

Fish oil helped me also. It helps to reduce inflamation and is also good for helping control blood level triglycerides. Vitamin D, get at least 2,000 IU's if you do not get enough sunshine.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Find your Chi

Do what you have to do. Just do it.

I will share something. We need to do better in taking care of ourselves. If you do not take care of yourself then you can't help others.

Much of America is spending too much time in front of an electronic device. I see it happening to the kids too.

WE need to.... walk and Run.

We need to .. ride a bike.

WE need to .. lift some weights..

We need to get more active.. rake leaves, wash a car , anything just move

WE need to .. start a T'ai Chi program. get a book and look at the movements.

We need to... watch the diet, eat an apple everyday and oatmeal too with a banana.

We need to... watch the sugar foods.

WE need to... find balance.. find your Chi...

We need to ... pray everyday. and this - know the prince of peace paved the way.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A new day, everyday

Today is the start of something,,,

Sometimes when things don't go as planned - It's Ok to reset and start over...

It's Ok to say hey - things changed.

Startin' up a brand new day...

Sting sure said it right. That is exactly how we need to think sometimes.

The past is past, it's a ... new day...

A day to be the best you can be. To reset everything and reboot.

Same old me? Same old you? Yep, our operating systems are still the same, but that doesn't mean we can't do some -- reprogramming for the better.

I will tell you a way to start.

Find a quiet space in life. I will tell you a secret about me. I have a quiet space, a place I ride my bicycle too. In fact once I get on my bike it starts in my mind.

I ride it around a series of retention ponds and then there is a parking lot with twin trees and a quiet corner that nobody goes to, near the pond. That is where I do my T'ai Chi movements, stretches and such -- and then I will jog a little around the lot, often late at night. Nobody see's me except the man in the moon. I pray a lot (of thanks) too.

Find a quiet space. Start a brand new day.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Step Peace plan for Afghanistan

I have deliberated on the Iraq and Afghanistan situation and have come to a plan for a graceful exit. President Obama should simply declare Peace. How to declare Peace in a time of War?

First, we put Afghans on notice that we are only there on a temporary basis.

Second, during this time, our forces will co-opt with the Afghan government and locals to build schools and help the infrastructure.

Third, Since Iraq and Afghanistan are linked by time, region and karma - a portion of Iraq's oil money will pay for helping their neighbor. The money will come from Iraq.

Fourth, anybody who tries to forcefully stop this peace plan will be dealt with by due process. What is due process? It depends but - due process is justice.

Fifth, any al quada that fight it, will get due process ..

Of course, enforcing due process requires an appropriate Defense force and that should come from continued training of the Afghans to stand up on their own and a US , NATO and UN transition force.

Then put a time limit on our help and after that - they are on their own.

That's peace.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A good day...

It was a pretty good October day. Good day ? Actually it was a perfect Indian summer. I hope you enjoyed the gift and said thanks, I did.
Now here is somethin' about Indian summer. It gives us a chance to recapture some of the stuff , overlooked or planned to do more of - but did not get to. Me ? I may have mentioned, I am starting anew, a running program. Sheesh, I do need to lose some lbs and get more healthy. I used to have a saying train like a boxer but don't fight (unless you ever really have to).

Well now, I like to do some T'ai Chi for meditation and keeping harmony and balance. back when I was in much better shape, I would run 5 miles a day . Then I got in a rough period where I was on the road a lot. I had a business where I needed to be in DC a lot. Once I got sandwiched between two tractor trailers at 70 miles per hour.

One of the tractor trailer was carrying a merry go round and was a double trailer. It cut me off on I95 and put me into another tractor trailer on my left. The one on my left crashed into my driver side door and window but somehow I gunned my jeep at the exact moment and I popped out in front of both, just barely avoiding getting crushed by the tractor pulling the merry go round.

I must be a cat. I was able to escape what was almost certain death. My angel was with me that day.. My car got smashed up but I was still able to ride it to my meeting, only delayed about a half hour as the cop took the info and said let's get the heck off this road now - as cars sped by ! It's funny that I felt like the luckiest guy in the world that day. Just got sandwitched by two giant trucks at 70 and not a scratch.

Well now, every good day involves giving some thanks to the one above us all. Then it goes into learning something new everyday and finding some harmony. Starting something anew, the simpler the better that helps you is a good thing.

Last Sunday was almost a perfect day. I did all of that. Including a nice jog and a bike ride. I have an above ground pool, 33 feet long. Much to everyone's question's, I keep it open into October. I have not used the pool this summer as much as I wanted but the kids got some swim time. Now that the water is in the 60's, people don't want to go in it. I did. Once you get used to it, it's Ok. My kids say no way. I say hey when I was a kid if it was 70 outside, we were looking to go swimming. So I showed them.

Then I cook some salmon and potatoes on the barbi in the moonlight and have a beer.

That was a good day- actually about perfect. Now I can close the pool.

Everyday is a second chance to get it right.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Thread the needle ...

Back in the day, I was a surfer. Positioning oneself in front of a swell and stroking to the top at just the right place so you can slip over the edge - and then glide across the face of wave is like no other feeling you will ever have. It is as close to flying as I have ever come. Sometimes, you shoot back over the top before it closes out on you. Sometimes you ride the white water to shore. A real nice ride, the ultimate - you can shoot the curl, where you actually get tubed and come out the other side into the light.. as it crashes behind. That is like threading the needle.

Riding a wave is like no other feeling. Another way to fly is to get on a roller coaster and let it take you to the top of a second climb. At the top, you will kind of leave your seat a little as you look out, it will feel like you are on top of the world and for that moment in time - you are flying!


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Enjoy the present.

The present is a present. Live in the now.

Too many people are living in the past or future.

Investors put something away for the future. That is not what I am speaking of.

I am speaking of people that are always looking for something that is not there. Instead of the gifts before us.

I have discovered that many people live in the past and the future, but what of today? The moon is there for everyone.

carpe diem.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

BOLT - How to install a car starter motor

I am a simple man. I am not an easy man. Nothing comes easy to me. I had to work for everything - maybe too hard.

Two weeks ago on Sunday - I went to Church.

Well, I own a few cars and a Honda shadow too. One of my cars is an old Mercury wagon with a LOT of miles. Well on this Sunday as I was driving - it started raining and then pouring and then "the buckets" . You know, flash flood kind of rain.

As I get a few blocks away, I am driving on river road and in 6 inches of flowing water - Car stops dead with buckets of rain still falling and - me in the middle of the road.

I get out in the pourin' rain - and push it about 50 yards onto dry road. So I am waiting there all soaked in my car - and say to myself- what the hey- may as well walk to church, already soaked whats the diff? Yeah, I talk to myself.

So I walk in at 10:10 to 10:00 mass. People look up and see me walkin' down the aisle with shoes squeakin' and water drippin' off my brow. They think I am just "late".

Yeah, I'm late alright. Drove thru a flood, pushed my car 50 yards- walked thru a storm and I am sittin' in church. I just look up at the cross and wonder - was it baptism - or just bad luck ? This debate runs in my mind - as the priest does the mass..

On the way out- the rain stops and the sun shines and I am thinkin' by the time I walk back - my car will dry out and I'll be on my way...

nope - not so easy there son.

So after a while of playing with the wires - I call the 3A and we're headed home on the truck. Plunk- it's dropped off in my front yard. Now I could have just let him take it to the auto shop. But nope- not this time. "I'm gonna fix it myself."

So "in theory" - the starter motor is an easy fix. There are just two heavy bolts to be wrenched out and a few electrical connections. But here's the catch - ya first gotta get to it. And then when ya do - the bolts can be locked up or frozen on. That's where you have to figure out how to use wrenches and the right combination of socket set, extenders and maybe a pipe to extend your socket to get leverage. Then the bolt heads? If they are stripped? double trouble.

So this starter motor has two bolts that gotta come off. I jack up the car and put the jack stands and proper rocks behind the wheels, etc-- it's 98 degrees and the bugs are bitin'. So I crawl under the car - It is really tight under there. But after awhile, I manage one of the bolts out. They use 14 MM- 6 sided sockets.

Now the bolt in the front -- is stripped with rounded edges. Perhaps until you try- you cannot know how frustrating it is to be fighting a locked bolt under a tight car that is hard to get to. It becomes a battle between man and machine. Many men would give up -not me, not today. I am gonna beat this thing or it is gonna beat me. mano or machine - who will win?

I tried prying and every tool I had from vise grips to hooly gigs. I was at home depot 3 X's buying different sockets and pipes to use as leverage. And it was HOT under that car. Why is that the horse flies know you are wrapped up under a car to find your legs and bite with no mercy? Those things are smarter than people know.

So I take a trip to Sears and find a socket set that is made for round- edged stripped bolts. After another round of battle the new socket catches just right and twists - I got IT! The motor drops and I unhook the electrical connections. I hold it up over my head and dance like Rocky after running up the steps in Philadelphia. I have sweat and grime all over me, my face and arms- and I am dancing and yipping like a happy dog. My family and neighbors ? forget it Rosy - nobody understands it.

So a few days later - I ride my shadow to my favorite junk yard. I wanted a better bolt. (This particular bolt is "special" - you can't buy one like it)

So here in the yard- there is a path you take where they have an open- ended trailer that you walk through - like a tunnel into the yard. It opens up into a panorama of forgotten history. On your first step - it is like a surreal quiet walk with relics of the past. There are car shells from the 1940's, old boats, even a train! and then the sections of fords, Chevy's, whatnot... If you listen quietly you may hear the spirits that once enjoyed it all as shimmering promise of better days. Why oh why do I feel so at home and at peace in a junkyard?

(incidentally, they have grown sensitive these days. They don't call themselves junkyards anymore- Now they are "automotive recycling centers".)

Each car tells a story - if only they could talk. Some still hold items saying that they were quickly discarded and just left for junk with clothes of their former owner still in the back seat. It's eerie. Then you look at some cars and wonder why are they here? A closer exam may show why.

How could that one over there be restored? Some people are like that. They feel like life events or others have placed them into the junkyard. Some just give up. They are not aware. Everyone can be restored. That is what the Prince of peace told us ...

Then there are people that although striking out many times - they never give up, no matter what. They just find a new way. They are like the junkyard dog that protects "the greens". A junkyard dog survives. If it storms, you can bet that ol' dog will just find shelter in a forgotten shell and come out just happy "to be" when the sun shines. They survive and when they have to - they fight . They take each day as it comes and don't worry . The junkyard dag type know that God takes care of the birds and they will be fine too. They have belief. They are happy to live in - the now. Here's somethin' - if you know a junkyard dag type -- never, never under estimate that one. They are some powerful people - in an understated way. Here is somethin' more - they make it by belief in God and themselves. The ones without - belief- they got nothin' over a junkyard dag.

So, it's 95 degrees again - I am wrestlin' in that yard with another bolt -and it's near closing time. Forget it! - I'll just reuse the lousy bolt and that's my decision!

Well - I installed the new motor - after jury rigging the switch connector. Turn the key: "cachig , cachig " , it says .... then the ol' wagon turns over and the engine seems to purr "thank you, sir".... Yep, it's back in action. Two weeks later.

So a few questions:

Was I punished for not going to church in awhile and that's why the rain came as some kind of a message from above ? If so, was it penance reached under that car in the heat?

Why was I so happy after pulling out that old starter motor? am I just a simple- minded fool to take pleasure in victory over machine ? With 188,000 miles- it can only be a battle won. The victory is to ride again.
The victory is - one less junker, still alive! The victory is accomplishment.

But why was I so happy to hold that old motor over my head and dance - sweated up with grease marks on my face, hands and arms?

Now here is a nagging question. Suppose I had not spent the time and effort to change that motor? What would I have been doing otherwise ? Yes, maybe having "fun" or maybe finding trouble? My town has a LOT of opportunity for that. What if God knew that I needed a diversion? what if instead of working under that car or wrestling a bolt in a junkyard - I had been walking in a parking lot and got caught between the cross fire of rival gangs?

You can see my post below about time travel. Maybe we all have a purpose and God works in mysterious ways to alter what would have been for the blessed people he wants to protect?

Well, these are questions that keep a junkyard dag wonderin' and maybe a little happy, even when it rains. Like I said- I am a simple man. Why? cause that's the way I like it.

maybe someday you may feel like you are almost beaten and are "walking the line" kind of like this ..

If so, remember belief - in God and yourself - will keep you strong and you can look "the man", any man - in the eye - from quiet strength. Remember the prince of peace who walked the line for everyone...

Here's a neat story from one of the greats - JT. I like the song.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Travel is not possible - (or is it ?) .

I know you want to ask me : Is time travel possible? Well, Einstein said it all has to do with travel at the speed of light. But what about some other possible doorway to the future?

Well, who wants to go into the future or past anyway ?

Oh- if we could go back ? that would be different. maybe we could change past mistakes? maybe we could warn ourselves about them .

But we can't be in two places at once can we?

Well, here is why time travel is not possible.

Because if were , wouldn't we already be seeing people of the future coming back and warning us about this n' that ? (see the time machine advocates answer to this below in the link)

But would they?

Once we get smart 'nuff to figure out time travel- we probably would also figure out that we can't interfere or we mess up the whole time/ space continuum.

Some people think the flying saucers are people from the future, just playing with us.

Now remember when President Kennedy boldly stepped up and said its time to put a man on the moon? and we did.

Can you imagine what people would do if President Obama boldly steps up and pronounced...

" Today my fellow Americans....

Some people ask - Why and I say - "why not"?

It is time to embark America on a new mission.. By the end of this decade....

I proclaim --- We are going into "THE FUTURE ..."

I now announce a NEW TIME machine PROGRAM ! "

Yeah sure - that would be the day...

( The world would collectively laugh President Barack off the podium!)

But hey now -- what is more realistic?

How about energy independence for America?

Or at least less dependence ?


But time travel? There are real people workin' on it... They think that only until they develop the machine , from that point forward - can we at least communicate with the people of the future- but we can't go back until the machine is developed.

Can you imagine all those people of the future butting in and saying hey you! don't do this n' that -- or else this 'n that will happen - Oh nooo...! But then what about people from alternative futures? It all gets very complicated very fast -- too much for me... and how did I get wrapped around this axle anyway ?


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Take Stock in...

Take stock in... Yourself.

I want you to look at yourself. What needs to be improved?

Do you need to get more organized ?

Do you need to find more balance in your life?

Do you need to get in better health, lose some weight, tone up?

Do you need to have more fun?

How about losing an addiction. maybe Smoking? maybe somethin else. YOU can do it!

This is IMPORTANT.. ya gotta believe YOU can!

Do you do things to find balance in body. mind. spirit?

All these will make you better than before.

I used to have a saying. Train like a boxer does , but don't fight.

Now I like to ride a bike, T'ai Chi, jump on a trampoline, swim, and lift some light weights. I need to pick that up again and go into training.

I see a lot of you out there also need to do something and Start today.

Yep folks - take stock in yourself. This will help your spirit fly like an eagle and make you a better soul. Pray everyday too. help someone in need too, like the prince of peace taught us.

Start this today.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to run some DD on a Stock's fundamentals

Well, I do receive more emails at All kinds of mail. Some people have some very interesting stock picks to look at. Rather than get into them, I want to show you something to check out.

Tonight I am going to explain how to run some Due Diligence (DD) on a stock. Well, let's say that you have a situation/ stock and it sounds like an interesting proposition to invest some Money in. How do we figure out if it is a good investment beyond the story of the matter?

Well, I will now show a few things to immediately look for and in five minutes you can get a quick view of that particular stock.

If you like a particular Company for what they offer or are working on - I want you to run a good check on it before you invest too much. Then when and if you decide to buy some shares -- you know what you are up against and understand your risk to reward prospects.

Enter the magic of the internet !

I want you to go to the finance sections of aol, msn, yahoo, or Google finance and look at that stock's fundamentals. Click on the key statistics and then look at the revenues, earnings, and very important- how many outstanding shares there are. If a Company has a low earnings or negative and high number of outstanding shares, you have to know that these are headwinds to overcome.

Holding too much of a stock with over 100 million of shares outstanding, high debt, and little cash on hand with negative earnings is not a good formula for success.

Sometimes, the story is very compelling that the company will become profitable. In those cases, the market may price up the companies stock- but when that happens the Company may release more shares on the market devaluing your shares. These situations can deteriorate and cause you to lose money in your share value. Be careful. The idea is to buy stocks and have the price go higher, not lower.

Even if a stock looks great, I have a saying to always apply, "some not too much." There are NO guarantees in the market and just cause we buy something does not mean it's gonna go up ! In fact, for some reason, most of the time people buy an issue- they go down at first! enter something called patience. If there is a very good situation that I have run my DD on and if it dips, I may add some. They call that $ cost averaging. However, there is a fine line between adding and going too far. The idea is to limit your exposure to "too much" risk. I always practice having a good arsenal of cash to stocks, expecially after year 2008.

On the other hand, companies that are earning money, making profits - the number shows up in the Positive "eps" , earnings per share. THAT is something to always look for! Know what you are investing in. If there are no earnings you should know it is more of a speculation than an investment at that juncture. If a company is showing a minus eps, then they are currently operating at a loss.

Does the company pay a dividend? That can be a bonus for holding a "value" stock while you wait for their long term business plan to appreciate the stock value.

The PE is "price to earnings" ratio. In general, the lower the PE, the better the value. It means the price is low and the earnings are high. Sometimes a Company that goes from negative earnings to positive earnings will perform quite well in the market.

I recall a company with stock symbol "ENER". ENER flew into the 80's after their solar panel business became profitable from years of negative earnings. It was in the right place at the right time of market visibilty. I call that the "sweet spot". Times, they do change and ENER got a subsequent haircut when oil crashed and solar panels became somewhat subdued in a poor economy.

Different sectors tend to generally have various PE ranges that the natural market forces will allow. For example, a Utilty Company may have a PE of 5, whereas a Biotech may have a PE of 50 to 100 and Tech sector may see higher PE's as well. This is because there may be things that the market is looking forward to representing "potential" growth, whereas a utility fixed and known growth and typically pays a dividend. The price swings in a utilty are typically not as volatile as other sectors.

So here is something - If you like a stock's prospects and you are running some "Due Diligence" (DD) - click on those key data items of # of outstanding shares, revenues, debt, Cash on hand, and "EPS" which stands for "earnings per share". You will get a better idea about what the basic common share is worth.

The market wants to see earnings growth as the bottom line "eps" number to grow each quarter. Well , 2008 has not been great for that but then the analysts have revised earniings estimates downward to reflect a slowing economy.

Now I want you folks to run some DD on those picks you are sending me as well as whatever I post on my stockstowatch blog-- so you know better what ONE share of that company represents.

Hey, here are some general rules I try to follow as a 3 month look-ahead scout...

For more on stocks to watch and the market in general, stop by :

we're having a blast over there!

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.



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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Understanding Musical Notes on the Guitar

Hello Folks,

Since you asked me about How to play the Guitar - this is a start. Below is a figure of the neck of a guitar. There are six strings. To play a note on a guitar, you use one hand to press your finger just above "the fret" and string of that note and hold a guitar pick with the other hand and "pling" that string. Now to play chords that make up a group of notes, you place a few fingers spread out across multiple strings and strum the set.

Well, this is just to get you started. After understanding note placement on a guitar, it makes it easier to go along. Do you see a pattern of the alphabet on each string? Note that the B and C notes and the E and F notes do not skip a fret. All the other notes have one fret between each other. This accounts for sharp and flats. One fret down the neck is a sharp (a higher pitched note) and one above is a flat. For example, F sharp is the same as a G flat and would be the 2nd fret on either the 1st or 6th string..

Now, if you strum a guitar with your right hand from that fat E string through each string to the lighter E string, without touching any of the frets with your left hand-- you are playing what we call "open" strings - and the notes played are E A D G B E.

I like to remember the open notes by a simple (or silly) phrase. I use something silly like "Eat At Daves Green Banana Enterprise" - E A D G B E. Now once you know what note the open strings are... you can work you way all the way down the neck of the guitar, just by knowing the alphabet and that every note skips a fret except for the B-C and the E-F notes... Look and see !

Do you think that playing the guitar takes a long time? Well, practice is involved. I once was impressed by a Guitar book author that said that too many people want to get to heaven without dying first. In other words you gotta practice hitting these notes cleanly so that when you press just above the fret and you play the note clean and learn and practice putting them together to make beautiful music. Then there are hammer on's, slides, and bends that are really fun and sound cool.

Now here is something... There is an easy way to read guitar music for playing your favorite song. It is called tabulature that can make things easier.. for just fun playing... The more classical way would lay out the notes on sheet music. But tabulature is a faster way to get to the matter of just playing a song as it is more intuitive.

Tabulature lays out a song in an intuitive way that is easy to understand. You can look at tabulature and immediately know how the finger placement on the frets should go for that song. I will explain about that in a future post.. or you can look it up on the net. There are many web sites that you can get "tabs" from for you favorite song and explain it further.

For now, understand how the notes are played out on the neck of a guitar. If you get a beginnng book on the guitar, it will explain further and show how the classical notes look and delve into more of a formal musical theory and go through some of the songs you can play...

But do you know something? If you want to play a song, there may be people who explain that song on You tube. It is a lot of fun. All you gotta do is go to You tube and do a search on that song with Guitar - and you may find it explained. Here's an example, from Bobby Cristy teaching ... Pink Floyd- "wish you were here" . This one may be a little tough for beginners but you can get the idea.

There's lot's of good stuff like that on you tube for guitar pickers!

Well, stay tuned. If interested in more, scroll down.

happy pickin'


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to Build a PC...

Hello Folks,

Today, I will explain how to build a PC. I am not going into all the details, you can get that anywhere if you look. Rather, I will shoot the breeze to give you something better - a high level concept for you take it to the next step if you care to. Or sometimes knowledge is power even if you don't actualy build one. I have built many , many PCs back in my day - as I used to have a business in this industry.

Well, here goes...

I assume you are sitting at a desktop PC right now. So take a look at what it is about. A keyboard a monitor, a mouse , a display monitor and the case that contains all of the thingy's that actually drive the computer. These thingy's inside that box is what I will now discuss.

That box contains your power supply and the circuitry that makes up your PC.

In order to build a PC , you need a "motherboard". This board fits inside your PC case and connects to the case with plastic pins. That motherboard contains the control circuitry that holds the Central Processing Unit (CPU) that is "the brain, and also the control circuitry - and the memory of the PC.

So here is the concept. After you install that motherboard with the CPU and the memory... the motherboard itself has slots on it that allow you to interface many of the peripherals. For example, you can plug in a high end graphics video board into one slot and a sound board in another. These are examples.

You would also have to install the hard drive and a CD/ DVD drive, a floppy drive and install operating software. I always intalled Windows, but there are other operating systems like Linux. However, for most practical applications-- Windows works.

Well, that is the high level concept of how to build a PC. But here is something. PCs have come down in price a lot. If you don't have a real desire or interest, it's just as cost effective to just go buy one. But if you do have a real interest, you may still be able to save some money and have some fun to building one. And there are sites that you can order parts and kits fairly reasonable, if you want to.
I wanted to share this with you to let you know that sometimes a little information can sometimes spur an interest and then lead to another thing of benefit or fun or satisfaction. When you build your own PC , you are more of a master of your own domain.

Hey - after you master such an endeavor, you may be qualified to work at the Geek Squad or somewhere interesting.

Well folks -- if you enjoy this site, you may enjoy my other blog on stocks and the market as well -- if that interests you.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else - you never know.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello Folks - Welcome to Spirit Wind.

Hello Folks. This is my new blog. I have another one called "StocksToWatch". That one is for fun too, but it's all about the market and stocks. This one is for fun on anything that I may want to post about. Here is a link to my other site.

But here is something. If I post on this site there may be some important things that you should know about, so stay tuned.

Today, I will wrap up a post on my cat and some issues she developed along the way. I started this site to show a cat lady named Missy Zane who was helping me with my family Cat, Carmella. Seems Carmella developed a condition known as redirected aggression. It has taken a lot of patience, but Carmella is now doing OK. We have not had an episode in a few weeks, but we tread careful. If you ever have a loved cat that develops this, I can say that isolating the cat in a separate room with their favorite cat bed and toys and food is a good thing for awhile and slowly introduce yourself again. Use treats and slow movements. In Carmella's case we think we pinpointed her latest round with a run in with a ground hog or another cat in the back yard.

Here is something very important that is so far working for us. My cat is very sensitive to walking quickly around her. If there is a loud noise it makes her nervous too and can set off an episode. I suggest to walk with a blanky around your legs and feet -- and if an epsisode happens use it as shield to direct your cat into another room or in the garage to let her calm down. Try not to crowd the cat either. Throw a treat to distract her. Thank you to Missy Zane for helping us with some of these tips. She is on If you ever have a cat question, ask her.

Well here is a picture of Carmella, so far so good... She likes to sit on my lap. When you first walk into a room where she is -you don't run up to her - you talk slowly and even get down on the floor and slowly introduce yourself and let her come over to you if she wants...

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I will post about something else.



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This site is JUST for FUN .

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