Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello Folks - Welcome to Spirit Wind.

Hello Folks. This is my new blog. I have another one called "StocksToWatch". That one is for fun too, but it's all about the market and stocks. This one is for fun on anything that I may want to post about. Here is a link to my other site.

But here is something. If I post on this site there may be some important things that you should know about, so stay tuned.

Today, I will wrap up a post on my cat and some issues she developed along the way. I started this site to show a cat lady named Missy Zane who was helping me with my family Cat, Carmella. Seems Carmella developed a condition known as redirected aggression. It has taken a lot of patience, but Carmella is now doing OK. We have not had an episode in a few weeks, but we tread careful. If you ever have a loved cat that develops this, I can say that isolating the cat in a separate room with their favorite cat bed and toys and food is a good thing for awhile and slowly introduce yourself again. Use treats and slow movements. In Carmella's case we think we pinpointed her latest round with a run in with a ground hog or another cat in the back yard.

Here is something very important that is so far working for us. My cat is very sensitive to walking quickly around her. If there is a loud noise it makes her nervous too and can set off an episode. I suggest to walk with a blanky around your legs and feet -- and if an epsisode happens use it as shield to direct your cat into another room or in the garage to let her calm down. Try not to crowd the cat either. Throw a treat to distract her. Thank you to Missy Zane for helping us with some of these tips. She is on If you ever have a cat question, ask her.

Well here is a picture of Carmella, so far so good... She likes to sit on my lap. When you first walk into a room where she is -you don't run up to her - you talk slowly and even get down on the floor and slowly introduce yourself and let her come over to you if she wants...

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I will post about something else.



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This site is JUST for FUN .

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