Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to Build a PC...

Hello Folks,

Today, I will explain how to build a PC. I am not going into all the details, you can get that anywhere if you look. Rather, I will shoot the breeze to give you something better - a high level concept for you take it to the next step if you care to. Or sometimes knowledge is power even if you don't actualy build one. I have built many , many PCs back in my day - as I used to have a business in this industry.

Well, here goes...

I assume you are sitting at a desktop PC right now. So take a look at what it is about. A keyboard a monitor, a mouse , a display monitor and the case that contains all of the thingy's that actually drive the computer. These thingy's inside that box is what I will now discuss.

That box contains your power supply and the circuitry that makes up your PC.

In order to build a PC , you need a "motherboard". This board fits inside your PC case and connects to the case with plastic pins. That motherboard contains the control circuitry that holds the Central Processing Unit (CPU) that is "the brain, and also the control circuitry - and the memory of the PC.

So here is the concept. After you install that motherboard with the CPU and the memory... the motherboard itself has slots on it that allow you to interface many of the peripherals. For example, you can plug in a high end graphics video board into one slot and a sound board in another. These are examples.

You would also have to install the hard drive and a CD/ DVD drive, a floppy drive and install operating software. I always intalled Windows, but there are other operating systems like Linux. However, for most practical applications-- Windows works.

Well, that is the high level concept of how to build a PC. But here is something. PCs have come down in price a lot. If you don't have a real desire or interest, it's just as cost effective to just go buy one. But if you do have a real interest, you may still be able to save some money and have some fun to building one. And there are sites that you can order parts and kits fairly reasonable, if you want to.
I wanted to share this with you to let you know that sometimes a little information can sometimes spur an interest and then lead to another thing of benefit or fun or satisfaction. When you build your own PC , you are more of a master of your own domain.

Hey - after you master such an endeavor, you may be qualified to work at the Geek Squad or somewhere interesting.

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Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else - you never know.

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