Friday, August 7, 2009

Take Stock in...

Take stock in... Yourself.

I want you to look at yourself. What needs to be improved?

Do you need to get more organized ?

Do you need to find more balance in your life?

Do you need to get in better health, lose some weight, tone up?

Do you need to have more fun?

How about losing an addiction. maybe Smoking? maybe somethin else. YOU can do it!

This is IMPORTANT.. ya gotta believe YOU can!

Do you do things to find balance in body. mind. spirit?

All these will make you better than before.

I used to have a saying. Train like a boxer does , but don't fight.

Now I like to ride a bike, T'ai Chi, jump on a trampoline, swim, and lift some light weights. I need to pick that up again and go into training.

I see a lot of you out there also need to do something and Start today.

Yep folks - take stock in yourself. This will help your spirit fly like an eagle and make you a better soul. Pray everyday too. help someone in need too, like the prince of peace taught us.

Start this today.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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