Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Travel is not possible - (or is it ?) .

I know you want to ask me : Is time travel possible? Well, Einstein said it all has to do with travel at the speed of light. But what about some other possible doorway to the future?

Well, who wants to go into the future or past anyway ?

Oh- if we could go back ? that would be different. maybe we could change past mistakes? maybe we could warn ourselves about them .

But we can't be in two places at once can we?

Well, here is why time travel is not possible.

Because if were , wouldn't we already be seeing people of the future coming back and warning us about this n' that ? (see the time machine advocates answer to this below in the link)

But would they?

Once we get smart 'nuff to figure out time travel- we probably would also figure out that we can't interfere or we mess up the whole time/ space continuum.

Some people think the flying saucers are people from the future, just playing with us.

Now remember when President Kennedy boldly stepped up and said its time to put a man on the moon? and we did.

Can you imagine what people would do if President Obama boldly steps up and pronounced...

" Today my fellow Americans....

Some people ask - Why and I say - "why not"?

It is time to embark America on a new mission.. By the end of this decade....

I proclaim --- We are going into "THE FUTURE ..."

I now announce a NEW TIME machine PROGRAM ! "

Yeah sure - that would be the day...

( The world would collectively laugh President Barack off the podium!)

But hey now -- what is more realistic?

How about energy independence for America?

Or at least less dependence ?


But time travel? There are real people workin' on it... They think that only until they develop the machine , from that point forward - can we at least communicate with the people of the future- but we can't go back until the machine is developed.

Can you imagine all those people of the future butting in and saying hey you! don't do this n' that -- or else this 'n that will happen - Oh nooo...! But then what about people from alternative futures? It all gets very complicated very fast -- too much for me... and how did I get wrapped around this axle anyway ?


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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