Sunday, October 4, 2009

A good day...

It was a pretty good October day. Good day ? Actually it was a perfect Indian summer. I hope you enjoyed the gift and said thanks, I did.
Now here is somethin' about Indian summer. It gives us a chance to recapture some of the stuff , overlooked or planned to do more of - but did not get to. Me ? I may have mentioned, I am starting anew, a running program. Sheesh, I do need to lose some lbs and get more healthy. I used to have a saying train like a boxer but don't fight (unless you ever really have to).

Well now, I like to do some T'ai Chi for meditation and keeping harmony and balance. back when I was in much better shape, I would run 5 miles a day . Then I got in a rough period where I was on the road a lot. I had a business where I needed to be in DC a lot. Once I got sandwiched between two tractor trailers at 70 miles per hour.

One of the tractor trailer was carrying a merry go round and was a double trailer. It cut me off on I95 and put me into another tractor trailer on my left. The one on my left crashed into my driver side door and window but somehow I gunned my jeep at the exact moment and I popped out in front of both, just barely avoiding getting crushed by the tractor pulling the merry go round.

I must be a cat. I was able to escape what was almost certain death. My angel was with me that day.. My car got smashed up but I was still able to ride it to my meeting, only delayed about a half hour as the cop took the info and said let's get the heck off this road now - as cars sped by ! It's funny that I felt like the luckiest guy in the world that day. Just got sandwitched by two giant trucks at 70 and not a scratch.

Well now, every good day involves giving some thanks to the one above us all. Then it goes into learning something new everyday and finding some harmony. Starting something anew, the simpler the better that helps you is a good thing.

Last Sunday was almost a perfect day. I did all of that. Including a nice jog and a bike ride. I have an above ground pool, 33 feet long. Much to everyone's question's, I keep it open into October. I have not used the pool this summer as much as I wanted but the kids got some swim time. Now that the water is in the 60's, people don't want to go in it. I did. Once you get used to it, it's Ok. My kids say no way. I say hey when I was a kid if it was 70 outside, we were looking to go swimming. So I showed them.

Then I cook some salmon and potatoes on the barbi in the moonlight and have a beer.

That was a good day- actually about perfect. Now I can close the pool.

Everyday is a second chance to get it right.

Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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