Sunday, November 8, 2009

Find your Chi

Do what you have to do. Just do it.

I will share something. We need to do better in taking care of ourselves. If you do not take care of yourself then you can't help others.

Much of America is spending too much time in front of an electronic device. I see it happening to the kids too.

WE need to.... walk and Run.

We need to .. ride a bike.

WE need to .. lift some weights..

We need to get more active.. rake leaves, wash a car , anything just move

WE need to .. start a T'ai Chi program. get a book and look at the movements.

We need to... watch the diet, eat an apple everyday and oatmeal too with a banana.

We need to... watch the sugar foods.

WE need to... find balance.. find your Chi...

We need to ... pray everyday. and this - know the prince of peace paved the way.