Monday, June 28, 2010

Zen and the art of swimming pool maintenance..

If you read this site, you know that I sent the BP Horizon team in the Gulf a few ideas to try to contain the oil gusher. I thought the last one of a giant Rubber Containment Package (RCP) surrounding the gushing LMRP was a pretty good idea. They could make one fast and shape it like a giant tent and then place it into position to surround the LMRP. Then use undersea robots to clip it down on cement piers on the seabed floor. As the oil fills the RCP, it can then be collected from a wide hose at the top, going to the surface tankers. Now, I have another idea.

Say a Hurricane comes and they have to leave for awhile. This RCP could have expansion ports where a whole string of RCPs could be connected to take on the oil. String as many as they need to...

Well, anyway. I got a few messages back from the Horizon BP team thanking me and they already considered or are planning a similar solution. If so? How come the gusher is still gushing ???


Well, I can't help a team further that doesn't want help so I will take care of my own waterhole.

I have a 33' by 15' above ground swimming pool in the backyard off a deck I built. Yes, a man takes solice in remembering everything he ever built or designed. It's just the way we are.

Anyway, I want to talk about my pool for awhile. It has been hot or HAT! as a I heard a lady scream the other day.

After cutting the burned out grass today in the heat of about 95, that pool felt exceptional! I can do laps like Tarzan and I love to swim underwater too. It reminds me of flying.

But keeping a pool, cool - is an everpresent responsibilty. Once you get it up and running stable, everything is pretty easy. But you have to keep on top of the ph and chlorine levels. If the PH is too basic or acid , the pool won't be stable for maintaining proper Chlorine levels. I use a test strip, and usually the water will be too acidic due to the rain and the leaves that may fall into it. So I use Baking soda and Borax to control the PH levels and alkalinity too. Well, it turns out that keeping a pool is like being Captain of a boat . A boat is called a hole in the water that you throw money in. I guess a pool is kind of the reverse, but you still have to throw some Money at it once in awhile.

Here is the thing about it. I see a lot of people have pools and they just sit there every day, nobody goes in! This, I say about that. If you have a pool, get out and use it while you can. Enjoy the days of summer. Get your kids out there. make a plan to try to use it every day.

If you live by the Ocean and (it's not all gloped up with oil) - get out there and at least walk the beach and get your ankles wet.

carpe diem.

Well there's a ditty for today. -- time for a swim.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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