Friday, July 23, 2010

HOW to make THE BEST Chicken soup.

Well folks, some of you read my other stock site.

To be a market warrior, you need to be strong.  My pop is 95 years young and is still  pretty strong. He eats oatmeal and a banana every day.  Today, I am gonna share a receipe that people should know about.

How to make Chicken soup...

Now this soup is going to taste great and be very healthy.  Chicken soup will help bolster your fortitude when you need it.

First, the triage: Celery, Onions, and carots.

Cut and dice them all up.  take about 4 celery stalks, an onion and some carots and dice them up into small pieces on a chopping board.

Then put a big pot on the stove and heat up some olive oil or you can use smart balance spread as a substitute.  Now sautee the triage of celery and onions and carots in the bottom of that pot.

Next fill the pot about half way with water or so up and put three boneless skinless chicken breasts into the pot. This is for healthy purposes.  You can use any chicken but the boneless skinless kind is for healthier soup,.

Stir in a couple cans of chicken broth and let this all simmer about an hour and a half or two hours and  break up the chicken as it goes.  You can also substitute chicken broth with a buillion cube or two and add some water.

you can add seasoning like basil, a dash of salt and some pepper to your taste.

Now about 10 minutes before it's done add noodles. We like Kluski noodles.  Maybe like cereal bowl full of noodles.  The noodles expand so don't go too crazy with more noodles than you need otherwise you will end up with a big pot of noodles.

Well now, enjoy this soup. But a big pot makes a lot of soup, so be sure and put the extra into individual containers and freeze the extra.  Then when you need a good cup of soup just pull one out of the freezer , heat and enjoy!

Everyone should know how to do that.


Well, stay tuned. tomorrow I may post about something else.

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