Friday, August 13, 2010

Get ready : Here Comes Mr Jordan ...

I was going to post about being a Spartan and what it means. Before doing so -  I googled it and up pops an explanation that suits what I am trying to convey just about perfectly.

What is the Spartan lifestyle?

"Learning to live simply and frugally is the key to happiness. The ancient spartans were masters of being simple. Learn how to live a spartan lifestyle!'

Here is a link to an eHow post by member grantandsara on the five steps to becoming a Spartan :

These are worth repeating...


Step 1: Start with yourself. Simplify your daily routine. Get a low maintenance haircut, and simplify your wardrobe to a few basic outfits.

Step 2: Make your living space organized. Throw away the things you do not need. If it doesn't make your life simpler, get rid of it.

Step 3: One of the keys to a spartan lifestyle is investing in yourself. Start a simple and intense exercise regimen. Simplify your diet by throwing out junk food and eating only simple whole foods, like grains, meat and fruit. Not only is this healthier, it will save you money.

Step 4:  Get your finances together. Save your money by not spending it. Before you buy something, ask yourself "Do I need this? Will it make my life simpler?" is the answer is no, dont buy it!

Step 5:   Enjoy the simple things in life, like taking a walk, or playing with your dog. Devote yourself to the enjoyment of life itself, not your material possessions."

Now in my last article, I posted about keeping a journal.

There, I wrote about a dark force I know personally that makes us grow away from the Spartan life.  I will call this force - lack of organization and too much accumulation of "stuff" , over time.

Try to perform a few acts of organization every day.  Start by starting to clear off a table or a messy desk and then think about branching out.  Did you know that Best Buy will take your old TV's and monitors and recycle them? UP to two a day.

Here is another idea.  Take a paper bag for recycling papers and a garbage bag and put it in every room that you want to start clearing out.   When you are in a room and spending time, do those few acts of organization every day. Pace yourself.  It doesn't have to happen all in one day.  Why?  Because changing bad habits has to grow in awareness within our own self.  So I am saying that by changing a little bit everyday during the course of the days over time may help us and achieve our goals of enjoying the simple life where we use what we have and leave the rest behind..

The stuff you don't use and probably never will? Get rid of it ! Sell it or even give it away..

What becomes more difficult in our minds -  is the stuff we might use.  Some experts say put that stuff in a special place like a box somewhere.  If you don't use it over time, get rid of it.

But here is a simple thought for today.  Try this.  When you leave somewhere, anywhere - let us try leaving it a little better than when we were there.  Think about that... It can get pretty deep.

But let's apply it back to organization again. For example, everytime you get out of your car -  take some of those  napkins and maybe that paper coffee cup you threw in the back out and toss it !  Sometime take a hose and some soap and wash you car clean and spray some sheen on those tires too. A good Spartan takes care of his horse and chariot too.

Now I want you to organize a special space because we are going to take a journey together.

Did you ever see the orginal "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" movie? It is one of my favorites. Here is the story line offered by Turner Classic Movies:
"Heavenly comedy classic stars Robert Montgomery as the amiable boxer who arrives in Paradise 50 years before his time and is given a second shot at life by the angels. Sent back to Earth in the body of a wealthy--and recently murdered--playboy, Montgomery must get his new life straightened out while trying to resume his boxing career."

Now folks, if you are still with me here - I am going to tell you something. Maybe there's a reason. Perhaps YOU need to get yourself "back in the pink" and back into shape, like Joe Pendelton had to turn around his newly acquired body in that movie. So do I.

Let's do it together. Let's return to living the Spartan lifestyle. Let's simplify. Start today in your mind. That is the first step for anything. Start in your mind. Soon we will be "back in the pink" like Joe Pendelton says.

I want you to get the orginal " Here Comes Mr. Jordan" movie and watch it if you have not seen it. The one with Robert Montgomery.

Stay tuned, as our journey  together is just starting. Stop back tomorrow for more. Let's reconstruct our spirit, our mind and our body.

leave the rest behind ..


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