Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Today, I would like to discuss something that may help you. This is geared to anybody who wants to cut their own hair. Now, Why do we want to do that? I have a few reasons why I do it.

1. I like my Barber, me.

2. It's most convenient.

3. I don't like waiting in lines and I would rather use my own equipment.

4. It saves $.

5. It kind of gives you a sense of satisfaction and independence.

The last one is really why I do it. So let's "cut" to the chase. Here is how to do it.

First, I am talking about a rather close haircut for men and boys. The tools you need are a barber comb and sissors, a pair of electric clippers with #1, #2, #3 and #4 attachments and a mirror. Now don't be shy about cutting you own hair, it's simple!

The style I like is kind of like a "flat top with rounded edges" on the sides...

So, I will typically let my hair grow for maybe a month or so and then buzz it.

Here is what to do...

First, wet your hair down and towel it quick then comb it.

So you can divide your head into separate sections, the top, back, sides and around the ears.

Now, if my hair is longer - sometimes I use my index and middle fingers on one hand as a spacer to cut my hair with the sissors the same length on the top, for starters. But if my hair is not real, real long -- I skip that step and go right to the electric clippers.

I have a Wahl "homecut" electric clipper kit. So here is what I do...

First, clip on a #2 attachment which is fairly short. Now use this to go across the sides like around your ears and around the back. You can go all over, up the side of your head, but not on the top.

Don't be afraid- you can buzz from different directions just try to stay within the lines and sections that you set up in your mind. For me, I take the #2 on the sides and back. In the back, I take the # 2 up to about an inch or two from what I call "the top".

Ok , that is Step 1.

So next -- I like it a little longer on the top, so remove #2 and clip on a #4 . Now take the electric clippers and buzz the top of your head using the #4. Go all over the top and don't be afraid because that attachment will do the work. When you are done with the top all your hair should be basically the same length on the top and may look like kind of like a what they call a "flat top".

Now you are NOT done yet!

Here is Step 3-- sometimes I do this -- I take a #1 which is shorter and go around the ears from front to back... I do it just the width of the clippers, but this gets the longer hairs off your ears and gives a cleaned up look...

OK did YOU do that ??? YOU are STILL not done!

Now, I want you to remove the attachment... and flip the clipper to the back side...

Trim the sideburns ...

Now take your hand and use it to draw a line on the back of your neck where where you want your collar to hit your hair. I want you to flip the clippers and shave that line down the back of your neck - to make a "square back".

Now, clip on the the #1 again and buzz up from that squared off back about an inch. That kind of tapers the hair in the back, similar to the way we did it on the sides..

Now you are about DONE!!! But not YET.

I want you kind of towel your hair off and mess it up...

It should be short now and hard to mess up, BUT when you towel it you may see spots where you missed and that hairs are sticking out higher than the others. This is where you do some clean up work... You can use the clippers real gingerly to buzz these hairs and/or you grab the sissors and hit those stand up hairs with the sissors ...

Now you are ALMOST DONE!

But here is the funny thing about God. My- oh -my he must have a sense of humor !

Why does it have to be that the older men get, the more hair we grow in weird places like our ear lobes???

So you look real close and if you have funny hairs growing off your ears, you be your own best friend and trim them...

Now look in the mirror. Do YOU like what YOU see ?? YOU will if you realize that God loves YOU.

Now Ok enough self admiration! Take your clippers and dry them off and put a dash of clipper oil on the tip of the cutting edges and then flip the side lever a few times to work in the oil. hit them with the towel and pack them away for another month or two. Take a shop vac and suck up the hair off the floor and off your back. Congrats - all done!

Once you can do that for yourself, you will get better each time. Now here is something else -- after you feel comfortable about doing that on your own hair, maybe your kids will let you do their's too ! Or you can do the same thing for other people.

This site is JUST for FUN .

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